Event Walpurgis night

Walpurgis night


Join us at a magic celebration of this special night.

On this night you will feel and hear the rhythm of the cosmos and feel the new power being born and coming down to the Earth!

Music and dance will help us feel the stregth of our bodies and souls!



The night before the 1st of May is called Walpurgis night.
***לעברית אנא גללו למטה***
The powers of everything that is alive on Earth come to its surface and all people, animals and trees gather to perform occult mysteries, by using their bodies as instruments of dance and song.
On this night you will hear and feel the primeval rhythm of the cosmos, normally hidden away in the unknown depths. We invite you to a coven, to perform rituals known only to the dedicated and unspoken among mere mortals.
Come to our festival of ecstasy and reawakened life, to dance and play music until utter exhaustion!
On this night you can let out your demons at Fishka. Every person can dance their dance and sing their song. And every person will be reborn to a new bright life after a night of dark frenzy.
-         - We invite musicians to join the rhythms of our Walpurgis night, to bring your instruments and jam with us.
-        -  We invite those, who don’t play instruments, to join our dancing jam – a free-flowing series of movements, based on primitive dances and led by Elena Kovalskaya.
The coven will start on 04/05/2012 at 21:00 at Fishka Club, 7 Eilat St, Tel Aviv, and will finish when we run out of energy.
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