Event Argentine Tango for Beginners

Argentine Tango for Beginners



Argentine Tango for Beginners at Fishka, by the leading teacher from Argentina in Israel, Silvia Rajschmir!
Argentine Tango – a social dance that was born in Buenos Aires at the beginning of the XX century and is soaked in musical traditions brought to Argentina by immigrants from all over the world – from Africa to Europe.
The popularity of Tango is growing every day – wanna know why? Come to the class!
Tango – a dance of joy and sweet sadness, of connection and partnership, of listening and being heard.
- No previous dancing experience required.
- No need to come with a partner.
45 nis (includes 1 hour of class and 1 hour of practica!)
Every Monday, 8:30 PM
7, Eilat St,
Tel Aviv
Free parking
For more information call 0547206286
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