Event Psoy Korolenko and Oy Division

Psoy Korolenko and Oy Division



PSOY KOROLENKO & OY DIVISION will perform in Israeli tour with the new program.
Multilingual disco-ska-punk-rap-klezmer-style fusion based on new renderings, translations and remakes of good old Russian, Yiddish(ist) and world hits, some of them authored by Psoy and Oy. Jamming of old and new, serious and funny, national and transcultural, classic and underground. It shows that Klezmer, which is traditionally assumed as Jewish folk music, is not necessarily Jewish, folk, or music at all. Arkady Severny, Peysakhke Burshteyn, The Beatles, and Shubert - is just a few examples of what will be worked on/with/at during this show.
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