Event Michael Agre Trio. Jazz My Fishka

Michael Agre Trio. Jazz My Fishka



20.12, 21:00 @ Fishka
Eilat 7, Tel Aviv
"Jazz my Fishka"
Michael Agre - keyboard, Alon Hilel - bass, Yogev Shitrit - drums.
Chamber jazz. Global polystylistic on total improvisation basis.
We'll hear new program with really cool jazzmen, coming back from abroad to share conceptual, fun and thrilling tunes.
Michael Agre was born 23.11.61 in USSR.
In 1990 Michael Agre moved to Israel and created Tabula Rasa and Jerusalem Art Ensemble bands.
Since 2000 he has been participating in various international projects, performing with famous composers, directors and artists, such as Hans Joahim Rodelius, Albert Mangelsdorff, Rodger Ino, Slava Ganelin, Sergey Letov, Sergey Kuryohin. In year 2000 his disk Tabula Rasa was published by Hans Joahim Rodelius in Vienna.
Agre Trio involves young and talented Israeli musicians.
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