Event Freedom2Change - Alternative Shavuot

Freedom2Change - Alternative Shavuot


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In the middle of the night- Tikkun Erev Shavuot in South Tel Aviv

June 3-4, 2014

From 7:00 PM Until Dawn


Erev Shavuot in conjunction with Jewish renewal organizations - Tikkun in the spirit of south Tel Aviv.


Each year, dozens of "Tikkun Shavuot" events take place in Tel Aviv, which invite the general public to an evening study experience.  This year, Fishka Community, Neve Shechter Cultural Center, and BINA Secular Yeshiva teamed up for a joint Tikkun in the spirit of south Tel Aviv - "At Midnight," during which concerts, shared study, workshops, encounters, tours, dancing and lectures will be offered free all night, in three locations in south Tel Aviv.  Events will be offered in Hebrew and in English.


This is a unique evening, which includes meetings between academics, artists, and Torah scholars, and discussions on various disciplines, on subjects connected to the Shavuot holiday.  Each organization offers a unique perspective and interpretation of the Book of Ruth, through a contemporary lens.


Neve Shechter Cultural Center invites you to a Tikkun "Through the Eyes of the Observer," - a discussion of writers and artists on observation as a cultural act; the Fishka Community - "Freedom2Change" - a discussion and multi-disciplinary creative sessions on the subjects of justice and mercy; the BINA Secular Yeshiva invites you to a celebration "Kuli Alma" - a journey through creation, leadership, spirituality and presence of women.

Fishka invites for an alternative vibrant Night Festival with “Mystorin” theater, Kamila, New Barbizon group, Tziporela group, Fyodor Makarov, Gregory Larin, Georgian ethno punk band “Asea Sool”, Umka, Nadia Kucher, Yehu Yaron and many others.


Throughout the night there will be tours that will lead participants on fascinating paths between the different event sites, which will enable the public to enjoy the offerings of each "Tikkun" event.  The tours will pass along Rothschild Blvd., Gan HaHashmal, Neve Tzedek and Neve Sha'anan.  


The tours will visit the hidden corners between central Tel Aviv and Eilat Road, on the way from Gan HaHashmal to Levinsky, exploring  the challenging sides of south Tel Aviv.


In the morning, at sunrise, all activity sites will meet at the beach, on the grass near Beit HaEtzel, for a joint meeting of all of the organizations and participations with music, singing and prayer.


*Throughout the entire evening, the three organizations will offer workshops and programming for English speakers.


*All are welcome to join all activities as long as space is available.

**Entry is free for all of the evening's events

*** For some of the workshops with the Fishka Community, a nominal fee will be charged.

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