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Estonian Student Animation – Students of Priit Pärn 
The next screenings of "Animatorium" are going to be dedicated to "young" animation – films made by students from the best schools of animation. Needless to say that films made by young people are the most daring, surprising and rich in experiments. After graduation, there isn't much time left for original works, so the years spent in the academy are the best time for trying new things and experimenting. This summer we are going to present to you works by students and graduates from Estonia, Russia and Israel.
Our first screening is dedicated to the films from the Department of Animation of the Estonian Academy of Arts. Original Estonian animation is one of the strongest in the world, as every animation fan would tell you. Books and dissertations have been written about it. The most famous Estonian director, a star at the international level, is Priit Pärn. He started his way in animation back in the times of the Soviet Union, and earned the highest national film award in Russia, "Nika" for his animation "Breakfast on the grass". 
Later, Pärn had taught animation to students in Finland for 13 years, and then in 2006 a department of Animation was established especially for him in the Estonian Academy of Arts. European Union funded a special program called "The return of Pärn". In fact a brand new school was founded, where students have been studying for B.A. in Animation since 2006. The studies are free of charge, and are conducted in Estonian language.
Starting 2007, there is also a Graduate program for M.A. degree in Animation, which offers tuition-based graduate studies. The M.A. studies are conducted in English, making the program very popular among international students.
The new school established by Pärn has already earned a reputation of a very serious institution, and the works of its students and graduates have earned many festivals' awards. In contrast to many other famous animation teachers, Priit Pärn is not making "clones" of himself out of the students, rather encouraging them to develop their own personalities and style. His students' works are very different from one another in techniques used and in animation genres – yet they all have in common the original way of thinking and profound ability to create a strong artistic conflict on the screen. We have put together a screening program comprised of the best animation works of B.A. and M.A. graduates of the Department of Animation.
Small House. Dir. Kristjan Holm. 
2008. 6 min. 16 sec.
Back to Eden. Dir. Sondra Lapmann. 
2009. 5 min 38 sec
Побег. Dir. Kristjan Holm. 
2009. 5 min 40 sec
Between Two Clockrings dir. Mari Pakkas . 
2011. 3 min 58 sec
Packed like sardines \ Stella Salumaa. 
2011 3 min. 9 sec
Breakfast on the Grass / Erik Alunurm Mihel Reha , Mari-Liis Rebane / Mari Pakkas. 
2011. 4 min. 30 sec
Black Seed \ Francesco Rosso - 
2014. 6 min 42 sec 
Chicks on the highway\Helen Unt 
2011. 5 min 
Tutu Funnytooth \ Mattias Mälk -
2011. 7 min 35 sec 
IMG_00_01_JPG \Zane Oborenko 
2013 3 min 5 sec
Fly Mill \ Anu-Laura Tuttelberg 
2012. 7 min 10 sec
Not About Us \ Michael Frei 
2011, 3 min 37 sec
International Fathers Day, Edmunds Jansons – 
2012, 5 min
Total time – 73 minutes.
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