Event Animation from The School-Studio "Shar"

Animation from The School-Studio "Shar"


Animatorium continues screening student films. This time we will show one of the best Russian Film Schools - Moscow School-Studio "Shar”. School-Studio "Shar" (School of Animation Direction ) was founded by leading Russian directors and animators - Fyodor Khitruk, Yuri Norshtein, Eduard Nazarov, Yuri Khrzhanovsky in 1993, and is supported by the state. This is a two years postgraduate program, which is qualified as an additional training, and doesn`t give any academic degree to it's graduates. In this sense, School-Studio "Shar" inherits an Animation Department of the Graduate School of Scriptwriters and Film Directors, where were studying best Russian animators of the middle generation, such as Alexander Petrov, Michael Aldashin, Ivan Maximov, Dmitry Geller, Svetlana Filippova, Alexey Demin. 
Today many of them are teaching in "Shar". 
Graduates of "Shar" also highly valued: at the 13th International Film Festival in Zagreb School-Studio “Shar” was awarded a special prize as the Best Animation School of 1998 year, and in 2006 year “Shar” won the prize for the Best Film School Program in Krok Film Festival. 
Today, many of the most perspective young Russian animation filmmakers are graduated from "Shar".
1. Caution! The doors are opening, dir. Anastasiya Zhuravleva (2005)
2. The last gulp, dir. Georgy Boguslavsky (2011)
3. A little sparrow, that couldn't fly, dir. Leon Estrin (2002)
4. Dog-walking ground, dir. Leonid Shmelkov (2009)
5. The playmate, dir. Juliya Postavskaya(2010)
6. The primaeval father, dir. Vladimir Danilov (2012)
7. Kostya, dir. Anton Dyakov (2012)
8. Umba-Umba, dir. Konstantin Brilliantov (2011)
60 min
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