Event Student Animation. Bezalel Academy

Student Animation. Bezalel Academy


Animatorium continues to show student animation from different countries.
0n 30th of July at 8 pm we'll wait for you in Ha-Teiva in Jaffa for the screening of the graduated student's works from the Jerusalem Bezalel Academy. Bezalel Academy of Art is a worldwide known school and its animation department students' films are often represented at prestigious animation festivals, winning international awards.
Just one month ago, Bezalel Academy has been awarded a title of the Best Animation School at one of the most important European festivals, Anifesta in Zahreb. The guests of the festival were shown a selection of the best films of Bezalel' graduates in the last three years, and this is the program we are going to show you, too.
The program is comprised of ten films, made with miscellaneous techniques (from 3D animation to puppetry) and with various approaches to story telling, ranging from abstract films with no actual plot, and fantasy, to funny life observations and touching family stories.
Student films is the most interesting part of Israeli original animation landscape. In our next screenings, we are planning to show films of other Israeli schools' graduates, too.
We have invited films' directors to join us for the event. They will tell us about their work and address guests' questions.
תוכנית הערב: / The programme
1. Среди медведей\ Between Bears, реж. Эран Хиллели \ Eran Hilleli. 
2010 / 5' 11''
ערן הללי - בין דובים
2. Ритм \ Beat , реж. Ор Бар-Эль \ Or Bar-El. 2011 / 7' 26''
אור בר-אל, BEAT
3. Леди №4 \ Lady No.4, реж. Таль Хадар \Tal Hadar. 
2013 / 2' 17''
טל הדר – גב' מס' 4
4. Эпилог к расставанию\ Epilogue to a Breakup, реж. Гай Элнатан\ Guy Elnathan, 
2013 / 9' 28''
גיא אלנתן - אפילוג לפרידה
5. Вперед\ Head On, реж. Лиор Бен Хорин \ Lior Ben Horin, 
2011 / 4' 5''
ליאור בן חורין- HEAD ON
6. Отражения \Reflections, Босмат Агайофф\ Bosmat Agayoff и Алон Зив\ Alon Ziv. 
2013 / 5' 19''
בשמת אגיוב ואלון זיו – השתקפות
7. Энтропия \ Entropy, реж. Ави Оденхейемер \ Avi Odenheimer. 
2012 / 7' 0''
אבי אודנהיימר – אנטרופיה
8. Из ниоткуда \Out of Nowhere , реж. Иска Майо \ Isca Mayo и Маайян Цуриель\ Maayan Tzuriel. 2012 / 6' 11''
יסכה מאיו ומעיין צוריאל - משום מקום
9. Путь бытия\A Way of Being , реж. Коби Вогман \ Kobi Vogman, 2014 / 5' 45''
קובי ווגמן – WAY OF BEING
10. Теплый снег \ Warm Snow, реж. Ира Эльшанская \ Ira Elshansky. 2014 / 5' 23''
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