Event Ant Weiss is Born - Haute Vintage goes Italo

Ant Weiss is Born - Haute Vintage goes Italo



dj Pozitron
dj Modus Magus
Haute Vintage - live acoustic italo!
Vintage - a stream in modern Fashion culture which states that what is fashionable and stylish does not have to be innovative and technologically-advanced but can rather be old, retro, carrying the signs of time.
Italo is a style in electronic music born in Italy during the 80's and being popular to this day.
Haute Vintage is an acoustic music band, constantly trying to blend supposedly unblendable materials..
Aun Weiss is Haute Vintage' vocal leader and songs' author. He was born on February the 8th, and invites you to celebrate this day with him.
What you get:
2 vintage Italo-style DJ sets byt two most beautiful and intelligent girls ever working on a DJ desk.
1 concert by Haute Vintage with their new songs.
1 happy birthday boy.
N surprises and unexpected guests.
All of the above - in the special one-of-a-kind atmosphere of Fishka-House, the warmest home of Russian-Israeli culture on Earth.
Doors open 9 pm.
Birthday present: 30 nis.
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