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Yellow House

The name Yellow-house in Russian culture is a common name for a madhouse. We have adopted this name for two main reasons:

First, there is a perception that artistic talent is similar to madness.

Secondly, the house where the meetings are held, is painted yellow.

So, our host is a “madhouse”, the performers are the “Patients”, the audience is the “Visitors”, and of course there is the “Medical Staff”, who monitor the late night show inside the yellow walls. Yellow House has brought together representatives of modern music, contemporary art and literary community. From beginners to professionals, from traditional approaches to the avant-garde. To those who present their work to the public for the first time, Yellow House gives a unique opportunity to meet their first audience face-to-face.

The first phase of the project was completed with an almanac that included the works of poets, artists and musicians that took part in the Yellow House meetings.

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