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“Cherdak” is a club founded by young people, who love photography and see it as part of their lives. Any photo-enthusiast is a potential “Cherdak” member.
The club is named after an attic in Tel Aviv, where it all started several years ago. Whether the interest is a hobby or a profession, it is a personal way to express a unique vision of life.
“Cherdak” encourages its members to progress in any photography genre they choose. The process of mutual learning and skill development is held in informal settings, by means of sharing experiences with fellow members of the club, visiting exhibitions and participating in lectures and master classes conducted by guest professionals.
“Cherdak” works towards creating and finding opportunities for its members to participate in exhibitions, performances, and other kinds of activities.
Every year the club produces an annual exhibition of its members’ works.
This year the exhibition was conducted with the collaboration of the Youth Department of the Tel-Aviv Municipality.
Last year “Cherdak” photographers participated in the photoshoot of the “Bina” project - the book that tells the story of South Tel Aviv’s Shapiro neighborhood.
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