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The Apples

Monodrama "The Apples" based on the story “Apples from Shlitzbutter's Garden” by Dina Rubina.

Dina Rubina wrote the book at the end of the 80's little before she left Russia for Israel. The story evolves around the woman whose episodic encounter with someone in the editorial office of a Jewish Yiddish magazine in Moscow, provokes her memory and takes her back to the days of her Jewish childhood and beyond...
Performed by: Anna Glantz - Margoolis
Directed by Nadia Greenberg
After the performance, the audience is invited to participate in a discussion with the actress and the director about the lives of Soviet Jews and the personal story behind the play.
"The Apples" has made guest performances in various Jewish centers in Moscow and has taken part in Jewish festivals.
The projest is support by Genesis Philanthropy Group and Yad Va-Shem Museum.

About the project (Russian):

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