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  • Fishka’s multi-disciplinary art gallery
Fishka’s multi-disciplinary art gallery

The art gallery is accommodated on Fishka House walls. The works are part of the scenery for dynamic cultural scene, social projects' meetings and art events, which gives us an opportunity yet again to reach young, multicultural and diverse crowd .  

Live performances that are always part of the exhibitions' opening nights always draw attention and allows the audience to catch a glimpse of the artist's vibe.
For example, one of the highlights of “Dancanance” photo exhibit by Alexander Sherbakov' opening, was the ballet dancers' live performance, as if they stepped down from the wall photos. On the opening night of “Ciao Tel Aviv” art exhibit, the entire family of the painter Maria Makarova staged a farewell clown party for the artist.
We invite painters, photographers, sculptures of all styles and generations, Russian speakers or not, Israelis and international artists to contact us for the possibility of exhibiting their works in the Fishka art gallery. For introduction, please contact Yulia Tagil at
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