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Cultural Baggage
Objects from the USSR, from the depths of the immigrants’ suitcases objects from another time, Soviet life, represents a completely different
 civilization that moved to a new and different environment, where they .become souvenirs, memories or just garbage. They continue to exist in Israel, stripped of context. These objects are the carriers of the Soviet cultural DNA which doesn’t care about “fitting in”, it’s just settled in the new homes of the “New Israelis” symbolizing the forgotten past for the next generations to come - children and grandchildren.
These days we are working on an exhibition that tells the story of Soviet immigration to Israel through a series of Iconic Objects that immigrated
 with them. These objects, which have been designed and made under the Soviet regime contain a historical tale, ideological aesthetics, and
raise identity questions on a personal and collective level. We are looking not only for Soviet remains but for the Jewish features that took a new
perspective under that regime and were assimilated in such or other object and also family relics.
We believe that the exhibition will approach the public not only familiar with the Russian culture but also the audience that isn’t as yet aware of it- those  who identify immediately with objects which are titles from their past, and (those (for example the “Sabras” or even the grandchildren of the immigrants who will be surprised to discover cultural and historical explanation for a lot of .questions that they didn't dare to ask or were puzzled about. This exhibition carrying a potential to be traveling. It is easy to move not only physically but conceptually as well as the issue of the Soviet immigration is relevant not only here but in other worldwide as well.
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