Event Clown master classes with Fyodor Makarov

Clown master classes with Fyodor Makarov



A clowning master-class with Fyodor Makarov (Snow Show)
Fyodor Makarov, a clown and actor, invites you to experience 5 meetings with the clown living inside each of us. Most of us are familiar with self-irony. We remember our different life experiences and silently chuckle at ourselves: what a wally! What a ditz! What a sucker! Obviously this is not the ideal image of ourselves, but this is our inner clown. Usually the clown sits deep inside of us so that sometimes we are not even aware of his existence. But he can bring a lot of happiness, both to us and the people around us, if only we let him out into the light!
During the sessions we will conduct various exercises, which will help to bring out your clown’s appearance, his character and mannerisms. Then we will create a few scenes with one or multiple characters, and even release our clowns on an excursion on the streets of Tel Aviv!
The masterclass is open to everyone. Previous acting experience is not required.
The classes will take place on Wednesdays in May: 02/05, 09/05, 13/05, 23/05, 30/05 at Fishka House, 7 Eilat Street, Tel Aviv. Each class will run for 3 hours, from 20:00 to 23:00. Classes will be in Hebrew.
The cost for the series is 600 shekels.
The number of places is limited! To book, call 0547662830 or email: nadia@fishka.org.il
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