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Theater experimental workshop
As kids, many of us dreamed of becoming an actor. For those who made this dream come true, and for those who didn’t - Theatralka is a unique opportunity to participate in a community live theater performance. This is a special workshop where audience, authors and actors switch their roles and create a one of a kind common show.
Some of the meetings are created on the basis of the theater history; from Ancient Greece to Comedia del Arte and Shakespeare. Others deal with Israeli holidays, traditional texts and even social relationships.
Through an informal and creative process participants also gain an alternative experience of team work. Theatralka provides a stage for a unique form of expression while offering an opportunity for artistic development as well as a social-emotional experience.
Theatralka started three years ago, as one of the first Fishka’s projects. In time, it became an enriching community for Russian speaking adults, who are interested in the performing arts.  These people also attend theater performances as a group and discuss Israeli and international culture over a beer.
Many of Theatralka members are active volunteers in Fishka's projects and have in the past taken part in community productions such as: "Purimshpil” and a "Chaos or Vanity". These productions are some of Fishka's partnerships with other organizations, including BINA, Hillel Tel Aviv and HIDA creating opportunities for theater collaborations between Russian speaking and native Israeli young people.

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