Event Fishka's house shutdown

Fishka's house shutdown



Dear Friends!
On June 1,  Fishka will close its house at Eilat 7. Main reason is that we could not get municipal approval needed for commercial activity in this place. We decided to finish that period of our history with unusually vivid activity, so stay tuned.    
Today we can look back at our accomplishments with pride: Fishka initiated the first Israeli project which connects youth and elders via art activities, Fishka hosted first russian-speaking Minuna, Holocaust Day dedicated to the russian-speaking diaspora, israeli holidays and significant dates of russian-speaking community are being celebrated. We host a literature workshop combining russian speakers and native israelis as well, who write poetry in Hebrew and produce different performances.    
Fishka’s house became a very first stage for the large number of actors, musicians, poets and artists from Israel and abroad, speaking different languages and representing the artwork of every possible kind. All of them found here supportive environment, whereas we could witness how their unique ideas come true.
Fishka builds and constantly strengthens the connection between russian-speaking israeli community and native israelis by different means combining arts, volunteering and social work. There are press articles and science projects about Fishka, we are frequently visited from all over the world.
No doubt, we will keep on doing our important work. After the house is closed we will start to build a new vision of our organization and formulate its new goals, while the activities we run will be hosted by our partners and take place in the most unexpected places of Tel Aviv and not only!      
We would like to thank everyone who helped us to build our house and will be glad to hear any your ideas and suggestions. Thank you very much!
Fishka’s team 
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