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Radical Jews

The idea behind the project is to introduce the audience to the artistic and philosophical heritage of the most radical Jewish authors.

Why have we chosen Radicalism as a subject?
This is because we are extremely intrigued and interested to trace how culturally and traditionally similar environments could "produce" authors, so remotely different in their vision from one another. Furthemore, it is interesting to explore the authors' relationship with their Jewish roots and tradition - how some of them embraced it, while others denied. Indeed, when we  antagonize something fiercely - don't we reveal it's actual importance to us?..
On our meetings, we will talk about avantgard musicians, Beat poets, revolutionary painters, controversial cinematographers, anarchists, extreme revolutionists and many more.
The first part of the meetings will be devoted to a lecture, accompanied by music and/or visual imagery. The second part will include a DJ set, with a semantic or conceptual bond to the  subject of the meeting. Lectures will be given by both projects' leaders and guest speakers.
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