Daniel Sinaisky

Daniel Sinaisky

“Looking for a Shabat” experimental project, "Radical Jews" project
Composer and multi-instrumental musician. Came from Kiev, Ukraine in 1991.

Studied Jewish culture in “Alma” college. From 1998 performing with various musical-theatrical projects, composing music for theater and cinema, among them:

• “Tsar Tsura” – theatrical group “Mistorin” , director Yulia Ginges

• “Heaven for Tristan” theatrical group “Massa”, derector  Wojtek Klemm (Germany)

Composed and played music for Michael Pfeifenberger’s films, Austria

•  “Leila and Lena” (participated in 13 festivals)

•  "Else`s Song – Yerushalaim Shel Else"

•  "Suspicious Tourists Project " in cooperation with Tami Ben Tor and Lev Boomshtein (R.I.P)

•  "Suitcase 4 2" – in cooperation with Fyodor Makarov

Fond of audio-archeology and giving lectures related to music.

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