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Chronicus is planned as a series of meetings with outstanding personalities in the fields of literature and arts, and will also include guided tours to cultural sights in Tel Aviv, such as the Bialik House, the Rokah House, Neve Sheanan neighbourhood and more.
Chronicus’ purpose is to introduce young Russian-speaking israelis to Jewish and Israeli culture in the perspective of the last century and guide them through the places where people who created the contemporary "Hebrew Culture" lived.
This project also gives an opportunity for new immigrants to learn more about Israeli culture, it’s contemporary tendencies and development, while allowing Russian speakers, who have been living in Israel for a long time learn about the cultural life in the former Soviet Union.
Chronicus is a bilingual program - some events will be held in Russian, and others in Hebrew. This, also, exemplifies our aspirations to create a framework for a cross-cultural dialogue.
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