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Hebrew Poetry Workshop
The Hebrew Poetry Workshop does not aim at teaching a person HOW to write and rhyme. 
Classical approach to poetry is rarely used in contemporary Hebrew literature and our poetry workshop meetings are conducted solely in Hebrew.
The purpose of the project is rather in creating a special atmosphere that will awaken the muse, napping in our souls and inspire us to express ourselves on paper. Workshop themes derive their inspiration from various sources, such as lives of famous poets, ancient Slavic traditions, bible parables, newspaper articles...
This year we will also host Israeli poets and writers, who will share their literary vision and experience with us.
Hebrew Poetry Workshop is open for all, regardless of the person's previous experience in literature. It will give an opportunity to not only gain a writing experience but also to meet interesting people and share writings with them.
It is worth mentioning that this is a joint project of Fishka and the Center for Jewish Identity and Hebrew Culture “Bina”. The Poetry Workshop is a meeting place of Hebrew native speakers and those for whom Hebrew will always remain a secondary  language.
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