Project Limonchiki

  • Limonchiki

Jewish multicultural musical project

LIMONCHIKI is a series of events combining interviews and discussions with artists and musicians, with live performances. The purpose is to explore the processes of which modern music culture creation is comprised, and to dig into cross-cultural influences and traditional ethnic expressions. Artists and musicians from different countries meet on stage with their Israeli colleagues, exposing Israeli public to a moment of creation of a new musical language and the influence of cross-cultural experiences on modern Jewish culture in general.

Project participants: Alec Kopyt from Amsterdam Klezmer band with Jerusalem drunk&brass Doolee Band; Psoy Korolenko (Moscow), Daniel Kahn (Berlin) & Oy-Division (Tel-Aviv) with joint project "The Unternationale 2"; the kibbutz movement historian Miki Tzur and the famous kabbalah teacher & translator Menahem Yaglom, the journalist and hostess Asya Istoshina; Jewlia Eisenberg (San-Francisco) and her Israeli “Bowls Project” that deals with the history of female mystics during the period of Babylon exile, and many others.

Project Partners: Auris Media, Beit Avi Chai

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