How to join Fishka?
In order to get information about our events, just click the Like button on Facebook widget on our home page. All latest news and invitations appear on our Facebook page  and on our website. To keep up with news and events is a piece of cake.
Our events are open and friendly both for frequenters and newcomers. Even if you don’t know anybody, we encourage you to come to any event. We guarantee that you will find new friends here. Choose a project that is of interest to you - and welcome to Fishka!
How to become a member of Fishka association aka Fishka-maker?
Everybody is invited to come to our events, but in order to become a member of Fishka association you should take up an active position. We are open to any offers of collaboration and we are always glad to get help.
From time to time, you can see announcements on our Facebook page and on our site about the specific help we need. 
Sometimes, you can know better how you can help Fishka community. If so, email us at:
The members of association take active part in the process of making decisions, are the first to get news and updates, are offered attractive discounts for various events, participate in master classes and parties exclusively for Fishka makers, and most importantly, get a unique opportunity for self-actualization and for making an impact on the world around them. 
If you have an IDEA, a new and cool one that you want to put into action, you will probably be interested to know -
How to start your own project with Fishka? 
Our main task is to help those who wish to run their own social and cultural initiatives with Fishka. That is why, if you have an idea for a project and a desire to put it into action - welcome to our Laboratoria
Don't spend too much time thinking about your idea, come to us, we'll think together and make it happen!  
To offer your project for development in the laboratory of Fishka’s initiatives, it’s best to write an email to
We are looking forward to your ideas! 
How to start working at Fishka? 
Fishka is a dynamically developing organization.  When there are open vacancies, we immediately publish them on our Careers page and on our Facebook page.
While reviewing applications, we see as advantage your previous participation in Fishka’s life, as well your ability to work independently, and last but not least, your being a nice person, with whom we can have a cozy chat over a bottle of wine.
If you want to join our team, but there are no job vacancies in Fishka for the moment, send us a message to and tell us what you would like to do in Fishka. We will then come up with something together.