Fishka is a community-based, non-commercial organization. Our activities are made possible thanks to support from philanthropic organizations that help us develop our resources and capabilities.
In the future we plan to become an independent social organization which will address the dynamic needs of young Russian-speaking jews in Israel and abroad. For making this come true, we need your help!
How can you help?
1.   If you are interested in supporting our organization or any of its projects, please contact Julia Gluskin, at
2.   Besides financial support, there is a lot of work at Fishka that you can help us with! If you have some free time and are enthusiastic to help, join us!
3.   Fishka House requires maintenance and support. If you are a handy man (or a woman!), or if you have computer repair, air conditioning, electricity or construction skills, and you are willing to help - we’ll be glad!
4.   We are looking for: books for our library, kitchen accessories, electrical appliances, computers, chairs, tables, couches, lightning solutions and many others. If you have things in good condition that you are willing to contribute - we will be happy to receive them!  Please email to and we’ll get back to you! 
5.   Fishka offers different cooperation opportunities to social organizations. We’ll gladly host your groups and share our experience and knowledge of establishing a community with you. We will tell you about young people’s lives in Tel Aviv and what it means to be a Russian-speaking immigrant in Israel. We can organize an interesting social-cultural event or a festival tailored to your needs and requirements. We can also accommodate your own seminars or lessons at Fishka House. 
Our cooperation with your organization will support our community while helping your association to expand horizons and explore new opportunities.
For more information about cooperation opportunities - please refer here .
Among the funds that support us:
Genesis Tel Aviv CityHall UJA
Gimprich Family Foundation New Israel Fund Levi Lassen