We invite social organizations and groups to meet our young Tel-Aviv community, visit the one-of-a-kind Fishka House and have unforgettable quality time in the very heart of our city’ events.
Fishka offers multiple interactive programs and collaboration options. We will plan and design the meetings according to your vision and tailored to your needs. Being able to offer you many ready-to-go formats, we are also always glad to come up with new and exclusive solutions.
Is your group plannning a trip to Tel Aviv?
We’ll walk you through the streets of our city, show you the most beautiful secret parts of Tel Aviv that only locals know about. While taking you on the journey, we’ll get acquainted with each other and learn about each other’s communities and our common interests. At the end of our walk, we will have a cup of coffee in one of the trendiest cafés on the Nahalat-Beniamin street or share a plate of hummus in Kerem Ha-teimanim.
Fishka for export:
Fishka travels around the world and will be glad to pay you a visit. Just invite us, and we will come with one of our projects like Cinema club, Theatralka or Cherdak directly to your community! Upon request, we can also develop a brand new, exciting project, tailored to a theme of your choice.  
Workshops, “Beit Midrash”’s, lectures and meetings:
We will prepare and organize almost any kind of lecture, seminar or meeting. The most important thing is for the subject to be interesting for both parties.
Enterprises, concerts, festivals:
Our major specialty is planning public events with a mix of art, culture and social values. We produce art exhibitions, educational seminars, street parties, musical festivals and many more...
Challenge us with something that looks impossible, something that we’ve never done before and we will leap at the opportunity. With our experience and creativity, success is guaranteed! Contact us now!