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Tu b'Av Festival
The “Tu B'Av” festival originates from Biblical times.
The tradition tells that as a result of the tribal conflicts, the people of Israel vowed not to give their daughters to the tribe of Benjamin. The banned tribe almost perished and so the people of Israel rushed to save it by permitting young Benjamin men to arrive once a year on the day of Tu B'Av to the Shilo vineyards to “kidnap” brides. Girls came to the vineyards wearing white clothes in the light of the full moon, excited to meet their lovers.
Over generations, these ancient vows lost their significance and when the eyes of two lovers, it no longer matters to which tribe they each belong. These days, while mixing vodka with Redbull and gobbling humus with chips, we tend to concentrate on what we have in common and try to bridge the differences.
Could it be however, that just as we decide to start a family and to create a home on the land of our ancestors, we suddenly dive back to the days of the Bible, to the frustration of the tribe of Benjamin? The State of Israel, despite being free, democratic and the world's most technologically advanced country, is also one of the few countries where the only legal way to marry is according to the most stringent religious - Orthodox Jewish law.
More than 300 thousand men and women, mostly immigrants from the FSU cannot marry in the state of Israel. They are forced to go through endless rabbinical bureaucracy, that places many obstacles on their way to legal Jewish wedding.
Together with our partners, “Havaya- Israeli Ceremony” and “The New Israel Fund” we have created a festival of love, marriage, Judaism and the freedom of choice.  The festival takes place in the center of Tel-Aviv, on the Tu B'Av day, for the third year in a row.  Our goals are to raise awareness to necessity for legislation of civil marriage and to increase exposure for marriage alternatives in Israel today.
With the blessings of the deputy mayor, the support of the audience and guests cheer, young couples get the legitimacy to have Jewish wedding they desire, according to their personal beliefs.
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