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Art Of Time is bringing together young community leaders and Israeli senior citizens in South Tel Aviv.

The program encourages volunteering among young people.

Throughout the year, the group of young  & elderly people works in Southern Tel Aviv- Jaffa.

The project was initiated in 2010/11 by Fishka, the painter Sasha Galitzky and the center for secular judaism, Bina. The volunteers has been working with elderly people living in the subsidized housing in Southern Tel-Aviv. 

During the first years, Sasha, young volunteers and the elderly people would gather once a week for a session of wood crafting. At the end of the year, there was a final exhibition called "Grandma's Stories" in which the works of the project participants were presented.

In 2012 the project has expanded, in cooperation with Tel-Aviv municipality, to the subsidized houses on the Raziel and Ben-Zvi steets in Tel-Aviv. This time, the young volunteers themselves took the initiatives and started their own sub-projects within the Art of Time framework.

At Literature Workshop project participants wrote prose and poetry, based on the personal stories and emotions, as well as inspired by reknown poets.

At Trivia games the minds of the participants were challenged with intelectual questions.

Cinemaclub meeting offered screenings of old and new films.

Finally, at the Hebrew School classes the elderly would learn essential words and phrases to help them communicate in Hebrew.

The team of the project - both volunteers and the elderly are currently working on a book, to commemorate the year of productivity and fun together. 

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